Best Funnelytics Alternatives

Funnelytics is a popular analytics tool used by businesses and individuals alike to measure the performance of their campaigns. But for those looking for an alternative, there are plenty of great options available.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best alternatives to Funnelytics that offer similar features and capabilities – so you can make an informed decision on which one works best for your needs..

Comparison Of Features

The next step in exploring the best Funnelytics alternatives is to compare their features. We’ll take a look at each one and explore how they stack up against each other.

Analyzing the features of Funnelytics’ competitors reveals some interesting data points. Many offer similar components such as funnel analytics, heat mapping, and A/B testing but there are also variances between them that can be important when deciding which platform to use for your business.

For example, Google Analytics provides more comprehensive reporting on users’ behavior by tracking pageviews and clicks with greater granularity; Mixpanel offers many automated insights into user engagement and retention through its predictive behavioral analytics abilities; while Heap allows you to capture full session recordings of customer visits instead of relying solely upon data collection from events.

The result is that different platforms provide unique advantages depending on what kind of information you’re trying to collect or report on. Each platform has its own strengths when it comes to understanding website performance so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before choosing an option.

For instance, KISSmetrics focuses heavily on cohort analysis rather than individual user tracking whereas Clicky gives you real-time access to every single visitor who goes through your site — this could be incredibly useful if you want immediate feedback about how people interact with your pages in order to optimize content accordingly.

Ultimately, picking the right tool for your needs requires careful consideration since all solutions have different capabilities, pricing plans, and levels of complexity.

Platforms And Pricing

Now that we have looked at the features of several funnelytics alternatives, let’s take a look at what platforms they are available on and their pricing, if you want something that’s cheaper than funnelytics pricing.

The first alternative is called FunnelVoid, which works with all major operating systems including Windows, MacOS and Linux. It also comes in mobile versions for both iOS and Android devices. Pricing wise, it offers an individual plan starting from $19 per month or an enterprise option from $99 depending on your specific needs.

Next up is Optimizely, a software solution specifically designed for marketers who want to track the performance of their campaigns across multiple channels. The platform supports integration with many popular analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst. Prices start from $299 per user/month when billed annually, but there’s also a free trial version you can check out before committing to the service.

Finally, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) provides users with powerful optimization capabilities and A/B testing solutions to help them improve conversions across all digital touchpoints. Features like multi-page analysis and heatmap tracking come included in this package – although its basic monthly fee starts around $49 per user/month with discounts depending on volume purchases.

These three options provide comprehensive coverage of most requirements when it comes to website optimization tasks but if none suit your particular needs then there are other alternatives worth checking out too. Depending on your budget and technical requirements these might be more suitable than either FunnelVoid, Optomizely or VWO so it pays to do some research into each one beforehand to make sure you get the best value for money possible!

Visualization Capabilities

It’s no secret that the ability to visualize data is a must-have for any business. In today’s digital world, having the right tools in your toolbox can make or break success. That’s why we’ve looked into some of the best Funnelytics alternatives available that provide powerful visualization capabilities and help businesses effectively analyze their data.

The first on our list is Tableau, which offers an intuitive web-based interface with drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy to create stunning visuals. With Tableau you can quickly access and explore datasets from different sources like Excel spreadsheets and databases, as well as easily build interactive dashboards and share them across teams.

It also includes advanced features such as predictive analytics, natural language queries, and AI-driven insights so you can gain deeper insight into your data.

Next up is Microsoft Power BI, another great choice when it comes to visualizing data. Power BI provides a comprehensive suite of features enabling users to quickly extract meaningful information from large datasets with ease. Its drag-and-drop interface allows users to quickly create visually appealing reports and graphics while its cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms offer unparalleled accuracy when running complex analysis tasks.

Furthermore, Power BI’s cloud integration ensures all stakeholders have access to realtime updates wherever they may be located—making sure everyone stays informed at all times.

Lastly Klipfolio gives users the power to generate custom visuals from multiple sources with just a few clicks of the mouse button. This platform offers various prebuilt templates making it easier than ever to get started creating high quality visuals without extensive coding experience required by other platforms.

Additionally Klipfolio has native integrations with several popular services like Salesforce and Google Analytics allowing seamless transfer of data between systems without manual intervention needed saving time and effort translating data formats every time new reports are generated.

In short if you’re looking for an effective way to bring life into your raw data then these top Funnelytics alternatives will certainly fit the bill providing insightful visuals and delivering unprecedented levels of accuracy helping ensure successful decision making across all areas of your operations!

Customization Options

When it comes to finding alternatives for Funnelytics, there are a few options worth considering.

One such option is the highly customizable HotJar platform. This software allows users to create custom surveys and polls with an array of features including drag-and-drop editing tools, pre-built templates, multiple choice questions, and more. Additionally, HotJar also offers analytics services that allow users to analyze data from their surveys and polls in order to gain insights into user behavior or other trends within their audience.

Another popular alternative is Google Analytics. With its expansive suite of reporting capabilities and powerful integration with other Google products like AdWords, this platform gives marketers the ability to track visitor activity on websites as well as measure performance across channels. Its extensive customization options make it easy to customize dashboards so users can monitor exactly what they need without being overwhelmed by unnecessary information.

Finally, Optimizely is another great tool when looking for Funnelytics alternatives. It provides detailed reports about website traffic and conversions which allow businesses to identify opportunities for improvement quickly and accurately. Furthermore, Optimizely includes A/B testing features which enable business owners to test different versions of webpages or campaigns against each other in order to determine which performs better before making any major changes.

Ease Of Use

Moving on from the topic of Customization Options, we now turn to Ease of Use.

It’s important for any software system to be easy to use and understand, as this can make a huge difference in how quickly users become comfortable with it and start using all its features efficiently.

In this section, I’ll discuss the ease of use that comes with Funnelytics – or rather, its alternatives.

The first alternative is Google Analytics: a powerful platform used by many businesses worldwide. As far as ease of use goes, it has several advantages over Funnelytics – such as an intuitive user interface and an extensive library of helpful support materials like tutorials and webinars. Additionally, Google Analytics offers some great built-in visualizations that allow you to get started right away without having to invest time into creating your own custom dashboards or visualizations.

Another popular alternative is Mixpanel, which also provides an excellent user experience and encourages quick onboarding through detailed documentation and support resources. Moreover, if you’re looking for advanced analytics solutions beyond basic tracking tools offered by other platforms (such as Funnelytics), then Mixpanel could be the perfect choice for you; it offers sophisticated segmentation capabilities along with data enrichment options such as A/B testing capability or cohort analysis functions.

Finally, there’s Kissmetrics – another viable option for those seeking an easier way to track their customer journeys than what’s available via Funnelytics alone. With Kissmetrics’ drag-and-drop dashboard builder feature and comprehensive reporting capabilities, anyone can easily create customized visuals that let them gain deep insights into their customers’ behaviors so they can make well-informed decisions about product development and marketing campaigns alike.


As businesses continue to search for the perfect funnel analytics tool, they should also consider what integrations are available. It’s important to find a software that can integrate with other programs you use on a daily basis in order to maximize efficiency and optimize results. With today’s competitive landscape, having tools that work together is essential for success.

When exploring potential alternatives to Funnelytics, it’s important to see if there are any connections or integration possibilities between the two systems.

An integrated system allows users to connect their various programs and applications into one central location so that data from each source can be combined and used as needed. This means less time spent manually transferring data across platforms, giving you more time to focus on your goals.

The types of integrations vary depending on the platform chosen but generally involve connecting payment processors such as Stripe, MailChimp for email campaigns and even WordPress sites for creating sales pages. Having access to these features helps keep everything organized in one place while still allowing flexibility when needed.

Knowing which integrations are available before making a decision about an alternative will help ensure that all of your needs are being met without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Security And Privacy

Having discussed the integrations available with Funnelytics, let’s now move on to examine the security and privacy it offers.

When it comes to your data, you want assurance that you are safe from any malicious attack or breach of confidential information. Fortunately, Funnelytics takes this matter very seriously as they have implemented measures such as SSL/TLS encryption, multi-factor authentication, two factor authentication (2FA), strong password policy enforcement, audit logs for tracking user activity and much more.

Each of these measures ensures that only authorized personnel can access your data while keeping unauthorized users out.

Furthermore, their servers are hosted in a secure cloud environment with regular system patching and vulnerability scans to protect against threats like malware and hackers. In addition to this, they also perform annual penetration tests to identify any potential weaknesses in their system.

This helps them stay up-to-date with the latest standards for security and privacy so that your data remains safe at all times.

At the end of the day, when it comes to protecting your data from prying eyes or malicious attackers, Funnelytics has all bases covered ensuring peace of mind for its customers knowing their sensitive information is kept secure and private.


In conclusion, Funnelytics is a great tool for mapping your customer journey and gaining useful insights. However, there are other tools available that have some unique features which may be better suited to the needs of certain users. These tools provide different platforms and pricing models, user reviews, customization options, ease of use, integrations, and security/privacy measures. Therefore it’s important to consider all these factors when deciding which one is best for you.

Ultimately no matter what tool you decide to go with, it should help you gain valuable insights into how your customers interact with your company or product. By doing so you can improve their experience as well as increase your conversions rate and ROI over time.

Taking the time to do proper research will ensure that whichever tool you choose will work best for the specific needs of your business in the long run.

At the end of the day it’s up to each individual user to determine which solution works best for them – whether they opt for Funnelytics or an alternative mapping tool – but having access to thorough information on both makes this decision easier than ever before.