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gohighlevel invoicing

You’re juggling an international business and dealing with GoHighLevel invoicing can feel like a circus act. You’ve faced language barriers, sender email customization, and discount display issues.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Dive into this guide and discover how to streamline your invoicing process, customize your client communications, and ensure accurate payment status.

It’s time to simplify your strategies and elevate your business operations. Let’s master GoHighLevel invoicing together.

GoHighLevel Invoicing Feature

Let’s explore the GoHighLevel invoicing feature, a critical tool in your financial management.

With this feature, you can create and edit invoices, adjust status, and add taxes, providing you with control and flexibility.

Understanding these functionalities can help you utilize this feature for effective and efficient invoicing.

Create invoices

Often, you’ll find that creating invoices using the GoHighLevel invoicing feature is straightforward and efficient. Follow these steps to create invoices:

  1. Select the invoicing feature: On the GoHighLevel dashboard, find and select the invoicing feature.
  2. Input customer details: Enter the necessary customer information like name, contact details, and billing address.
  3. Add invoice details: Specify the products or services provided, their quantity, and price. You can also add any necessary discounts and tax details.
  4. Finalize and send the invoice: Review the invoice for accuracy, then hit the ‘send’ button to email it directly to your customer from the platform.

Edit invoices

Once you’ve created an invoice, you can easily make any necessary changes to it using Gohighlevel’s invoicing feature. This might include updating customer information, altering the invoice date, or adjusting the products or services billed. It also allows you to add tax to each invoice, a necessity for businesses operating in regions that require it.

Simply navigate to the specific invoice, choose ‘Edit’, and make your changes. It’s crucial to ensure that your invoices are accurate and up-to-date to maintain clear financial records.

Gohighlevel’s flexible invoicing feature is more than just user-friendly – it’s a tool that can be adapted to fit your unique business needs. Remember, correct invoicing is vital for both compliance and customer satisfaction.

Add taxes

In addition to keeping track of invoice status, you’ll also need to add taxes to your invoices, a feature that Gohighlevel Invoicing conveniently offers. If your business operates in regions where taxation is mandatory, this feature proves invaluable. It allows you to seamlessly incorporate tax rates into each invoice, ensuring compliance with regional tax regulations.

This functionality not only saves you from tedious manual calculations but also minimizes the risk of errors. Moreover, it ensures accurate financial records, essential for smooth business operations.

How to Create Invoices on GoHighLevel

Creating an invoice on GoHighLevel is a straightforward process you’ll quickly master. It involves a few simple steps that require attention to detail, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to create invoices with ease and precision.

Firstly, let’s break down the process into four steps:

  1. Navigate to Your Dashboard: Log in to your GoHighLevel account and select the subaccount you want to invoice. This could be a specific project, client, or department within your organization.
  2. Access the Payments Tab: On the left-hand side of your dashboard, you’ll find a tab labeled ‘Payments’. Click on this to access your billing options.
  3. Select Invoices: From the top of the ‘Payments’ page, select ‘Invoices’. This will take you to an overview of your existing invoices.
  4. Create a New Invoice: To create a new invoice, click the green ‘+ New’ button in the top right corner. This will open a new invoice form where you can enter all relevant details.

Remember, it’s crucial to be precise when entering information into your invoice. This includes the client’s details, the services or products provided, and the amount due. Any errors could lead to confusion or disputes further down the line.

In addition, GoHighLevel also provides options to customize your invoices, such as language, sender email, and discount settings. This allows you to tailor your invoices to your business needs and enhance your professionalism.

Mastering the process of creating invoices on GoHighLevel is an essential skill for efficient and accurate billing.

How to Edit Your Invoice

Now that you’ve mastered creating invoices on GoHighLevel, let’s dive into how you can edit these invoices to better suit your specific needs.

Personalizing your invoice is crucial to ensure clear communication between you and your clients.

Editing your invoice in GoHighLevel is straightforward. Each section of the invoice can be edited by simply clicking on it and entering the new details. Do you need to correct your business information? No problem. Just click on your info and replace it with the appropriate data.

Adding your business logo to the invoice is also an easy process. Just hit ‘Select a File’, then drag and drop your logo from your desktop. This step enhances the professional look of your invoices, making a positive impression on your clients.

Updating client details, invoice number, and dates is similarly simple. Click on each section to make changes as needed. This feature ensures that all your invoices are accurately tailored to each client and transaction.

Adding an invoice item line is achieved by selecting ‘+ Add an Item’, then choosing the product and price from the drop-down boxes. After inputting a product, you can further modify the price and quantity purchased to reflect the specific transaction. This level of detail helps to avoid any potential misunderstandings with your clients and provides a clear, concise record of each transaction.

Editing your GoHighLevel invoices is a breeze, providing you with the flexibility to tailor each invoice to your specific business needs.

How to Add Taxes to Your Invoice

After mastering the art of editing invoices, it’s imperative that you also learn how to add taxes to your invoices, a crucial step in many jurisdictions. GoHighLevel gives you an efficient way to include sales taxes within the settings of your invoice. It’s a relatively simple process, requiring just a few steps.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Access the Tax Settings: From your Payments dashboard, select the ‘Tax Settings’ tab. This is where you can manage and add new tax rates.
  2. Add New Tax: Click on the green ‘Add Tax’ button. This will open a pop-up window where you’ll input the necessary details.
  3. Enter Tax Details: You’ll need to fill in four pieces of information: the Name of the Tax, Rate (%), Description, and Tax ID Number. Make sure to double-check these details for accuracy.
  4. Complete the Process: To finalize, click the green ‘Add Tax’ button again. Your new tax rate is now ready to be applied to invoices.

Remember, ensuring the right tax rate is applied to your invoices is vital for maintaining compliance with local and international tax laws. Adding tax to your invoices also aids in providing clear, detailed, and transparent billing information to your clients.

Taxes mightn’t be the most enjoyable part of running a business, but with GoHighLevel’s invoicing system, they certainly become less daunting. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge on how to add taxes, managing invoices is easier and more efficient.

How to Add a Discount to Your Invoice

Building on your invoice management skills, you’ll find adding a discount to your invoice is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your flexibility in pricing strategies. Discounts can be a powerful tool for managing client relationships and encouraging prompt payments.

In Gohighlevel, adding a discount is a quick and simple process.

Firstly, you’ll need to navigate to the invoice you want to add a discount to. This could be an existing invoice, or you might be creating a new one. Either way, you’ll find the ‘Add Discount’ icon underneath the Subtotal section. This intuitive placement makes it easy to incorporate discounts as you’re tallying up your invoice totals.

Upon clicking the ‘Add Discount’ icon, you’ll see a sliding toggle. This control allows you to set the discount percentage amount. You’ll appreciate this feature as it enables you to adjust the discount with precision, catering to your specific pricing strategy and client needs.

Once you’ve set the right percentage, click ‘Save’. This action will apply the discount to your invoice, and it will be reflected in the total due. An added benefit of this is that it enhances transparency with your clients by clearly displaying the discounted amount.

Remember, while percentage-based discounts are currently the only option in Gohighlevel, you can add a discount line as a product for dollar amount discounts. This workaround offers more flexibility and can sometimes be easier for clients to understand.

Adding a discount to your invoice in Gohighlevel is a quick process that gives you more control over your pricing and can greatly enhance client relationships.

How to Send an Invoice

When you’re ready to send your invoice in Gohighlevel, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps to ensure your invoice reaches your client in a timely and professional manner.

  1. Locate the Invoice:
    Navigate to the specific invoice you want to send. Make sure all the details are correct and the invoice looks professional. Remember, your invoice reflects your brand, so ensure everything is in order.
  2. Review and Send:
    In the top right-hand corner of the invoice, click on ‘Review and Send’. This will trigger a pop-up where you can make any final adjustments before sending the invoice.
  3. Choose Delivery Method:
    The pop-up will provide you with options for how you want to deliver the invoice. You can choose to send it by email, which is usually the quickest and easiest method. Alternatively, you might want to print it out and send it by snail mail, especially if your client prefers this method.
  4. Choose Payment Mode:
    Before clicking ‘Send Invoice’, select the payment mode. Gohighlevel provides various payment options for your convenience. Once you’ve made your selection, click ‘Send Invoice’.

Remember, the goal is to make the invoicing process as effortless as possible for your clients. By following these steps, you’ll not only ensure that your invoice reaches its destination promptly, but also that it’s presented in a manner that’s professional and easy to understand.

Now, go ahead and send that invoice with confidence!

How to Check the Status of Your Invoice

Once you’ve sent your invoice using Gohighlevel, it’s essential to keep track of its status to ensure prompt payment. This involves a few straightforward steps that ensure you stay updated on your invoice’s journey, from creation to payment.

Firstly, navigate to the ‘Payments’ tab, a central hub of all your financial transactions. Within this tab, find and select ‘Invoices’. This area is specifically designed to give you a comprehensive overview of all your invoices. It’s neatly organized and easily accessible, ensuring you won’t miss out on any vital payment details.

Once you’re in the ‘Invoices’ section, you’ll see various columns. Each column represents different aspects of your invoices, such as the invoice number, client name, amount, due date, and most importantly, the status. The status column provides real-time updates about your invoice. It can range from ‘draft’, meaning the invoice is still being prepared, to ‘sent’, indicating that the client has received the invoice, and finally ‘paid’, confirming the completion of the transaction.

Pay close attention to the ‘sent’ and ‘paid’ statuses as these are critical indicators of your invoice’s progression. If an invoice remains ‘sent’ for an extended period, it might indicate a delay on the client’s end, prompting you to send a reminder or follow-up.


In summary, mastering GoHighLevel invoicing empowers you to streamline your operations, customize your communication, and enhance customer satisfaction.

By creating, editing, adding taxes and discounts, sending invoices, and checking their status, you’ll take command of your financial transactions.

With a deeper understanding of these features, you’re well-equipped to navigate the international business landscape.

So, embrace these strategies and let GoHighLevel invoicing transform your business operations.