Gohighlevel SMS

gohighlevel sms

Are you looking for a way to improve your customer communication? GoHighLevel is the perfect solution. With its SMS and live chat features, you can easily send messages, initiate conversations, and automate workflows to provide the best customer service.

GoHighLevel’s texting capabilities are cost-effective and easy to use – plus, they offer integrations with other popular platforms like Salesforce. Read on to learn more about how GoHighLevel can help you optimize your customer communications!


With GoHighLevel’s texting and SMS feature, you can quickly set up automated conversations, campaigns, and opt-ins to make sure you never miss an opportunity. You can use either LC – Phone or Twilio to send your messages, with the latter being integrated directly into GoHighLevel for convenience.

Personalized messages are easy to create using codes, while templates can be saved for future use. Automatic texts can also be sent for missed calls.

SMS opt-in campaigns are simple to build with triggers and automation, which you can then incorporate into your multichannel workflows. Additionally, one-word SMS trigger automation allows you to automate entire conversations based on people’s replies.

Pre-populating messages with trigger links is also possible in order to automate part of the pipeline process.

The booking bot feature utilizes AI technology so that customers have a human-like experience when it comes to booking appointments. With the chatbot widget, initiating an SMS conversation is just a click away – plus incoming and outgoing messages are visible in the conversations tab!

Finally, costs of sending SMS through GoHighLevel can be reduced by avoiding additional carrier fees or shortening text length.

Benefits and Costs

You’ll save time and money while improving communication with customers when using GoHighLevel’s texting and SMS feature. By leveraging the automated features, opt-in campaigns, and AI-driven booking bot, you can send personalized messages quickly and accurately. Additionally, you can use one-word triggers to automate an entire conversation based on a person’s replies.

And by integrating Twilio directly into GoHighLevel or choosing LC – Phone for its lower cost services, you can reduce costs further. GoHighLevel also offers SMS templates which can be saved for future use as well as pre-populated messages that contain trigger links to automate part of the pipeline process.

Furthermore, you can avoid additional carrier fees by shortening your message length and avoiding emojis or images, making it even more economical to send texts through GoHighLevel. Using GoHighLevel’s texting and SMS feature will help streamline your customer service efforts while decreasing expenses significantly.

With automated conversations taking care of mundane tasks like appointment booking and after-hours service plus live chat options available if a real person isn’t available, you’ll be able to offer top tier customer support without breaking the bank or wasting time manually sending out messages.

Integrations and Automation

Integrating Twilio or LC-Phone with GoHighLevel and utilizing automation features can save you time and money while improving customer communication. You can achieve automation of your messaging with features like automated SMS conversations, one-word triggers, and pre-populated trigger links.

Additionally, GoHighLevel provides an easy way to build SMS opt-in campaigns using triggers and automation. This allows you to customize messages for each contact and create a personalized experience. You can also set up automatic texts for missed calls or bookings that are initiated through the chatbot widget.

By incorporating these features into your existing workflows, you can reduce costs by avoiding additional carrier fees while still providing excellent customer service. The booking bot feature with AI conversation capabilities and the chatbot widget to initiate SMS conversations are also available.

Live Chat Functionality

gohighlevel live chat

GoHighLevel’s live chat feature offers an easy way to stay in touch with customers and provide great customer service, even when you’re not available. You can set up the live chat widget to initiate an SMS conversation if a live person isn’t available, so your customers never feel ignored.

You can also incorporate automated responses and one-word triggers into SMS conversations and create out-of-hours responses using the chatbot widget. The live chat widget also allows you to ask for the recipient’s phone number to initiate an SMS conversation, so you never miss an opportunity.

This makes it easier than ever before to effectively manage customer relationships without having to be directly present. The out-of-hours responses offered by GoHighLevel’s live chat feature are highly customizable. From options like booking, operating hours, and callback requests, you can create messages that accurately reflect your company’s values and mission statement.

Plus, with trigger links that automate part of the pipeline process, engaging customers is made even simpler. All of this comes together to make managing customer relationships effortless and efficient for both parties involved.

With GoHighLevel’s innovative live chat feature combined with their texting and SMS feature, staying connected has become a breeze! No matter what time of day or night it is, your customers will always get a timely response from your business – without any extra effort on your part!

SMS Trigger Automation

Never miss an opportunity to engage with customers, no matter how busy you are – GoHighLevel’s SMS trigger automation makes it easy!

With SMS trigger automation, you can create automated conversations based on a person’s replies. This allows for personalized messages and one-word triggers to automate entire conversations.

Here’s what this feature offers:

  • Automated conversations based on replies
  • Personalized messages and one-word triggers to automate entire conversations
  • Incorporation of SMS into GoHighLevel multichannel workflows

SMS can be pre-populated with trigger links for the pipeline process as well. Plus, automatic texts can be set up for missed calls too. This ensures that even if a customer is away from their device, they will still receive notifications or reminders for appointments or any other needs.

Create templates and save them for future use easily and efficiently – this saves you time so you can focus on providing great customer service instead!

GoHighLevel also offers an AI-powered booking bot that helps customers book appointments quickly and easily. The chatbot widget initiates the conversation, and the booking calendar parameters are adjustable according to your preferences. So don’t let your customers wait in line – let them book their appointment directly through SMS!

SMS Templates

ghl sms templates

Now that you know about the power of SMS Trigger Automation, let’s dive into another great feature – SMS Templates.

With GoHighLevel, you can save time by creating and saving messages for future use. You’ll be able to create personalized messages that’ll help build relationships with your customers and automate part of the pipeline process. Plus, you can preview templates before saving them for future use.

GoHighLevel makes it easy to get up and running quickly by offering pre-built templates or allowing you to customize your own. You can even set up automatic texts for missed calls or opt-in campaigns using triggers and automation. It’s an excellent way to engage in ongoing conversations with your customers while still providing a personal touch.

With GoHighLevel’s SMS Templates feature, you’ll have access to powerful tools. These tools will help take your customer communication management to the next level. From personalized messages to automated campaigns, this versatile tool is sure to make a difference in how you interact with your customers. Give it a try today!

Errors and Solutions

Sending SMS messages with GoHighLevel can lead to errors, but there are solutions to help reduce them. Exceeding sub-account limits, media message size limits, or having messages blocked are common errors that can be avoided.

To avoid exceeding sub-account limits, make sure to keep track of the amount of SMS messages sent in a certain time frame by each account. The media message size limit is easy to stay within as long as images and emojis are kept to a minimum and texts remain short. Blocked messages happen when the carrier they’re being sent through does not accept them. This can be prevented by double-checking all phone numbers before sending messages out.

These solutions will help reduce any potential problems that arise from sending SMS from GoHighLevel, allowing users to take advantage of text messaging without running into issues. Purchasing a $1 phone number and understanding carrier tariffs is also key for users to optimize their texting services on GoHighLevel.

With these tips in mind, users should be able to use GoHighLevel’s texting features with ease and ensure an effective communication strategy for their business.


You’ve seen how GoHighLevel’s SMS features can help you make the most of your customer service. It helps you streamline communication and save time by automating workflows and creating templates. Plus, it offers flexible options for businesses of all sizes with integrated live chat functionality and trigger automation.

With its cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use, GoHighLevel is the perfect platform for any business looking to provide a better customer experience. So don’t wait – give GoHighLevel a try today and start connecting with your customers like never before!