GoHighLevel Snapshots

Are you having trouble managing your client accounts? Do you need a way to keep track of the key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with each one? The HighLevel support portal is here to help!

With Account GoHighLevel Snapshots, you can easily get an overview of any account and quickly make changes or take action. Here, we’ll explain what Account Snapshots are, how to create and share them, as well as how to import and delete them. Plus, we’ll show you how to manually refresh Snapshots and push updates to linked accounts.

Get ready for a crash course on taking full advantage of the powerful features of the HighLevel support portal.


Snapshots are a quick and easy way to copy items from one client account into another, so you can get up and running fast. With GoHighLevel Snapshots, you can create an exact duplicate of your client accounts in moments. This makes it easier for you to quickly share the same setup with other team members or agencies on your team.

All you need is the link to the snapshot and they’ll have access to all of the elements of that snapshot. You can also import snapshots from outside sources. This means that if someone already has a setup that works well for them, they can share it with others by sending out a link. Once imported, the shared snapshot is automatically set up in your account; no manual refresh required!

You can even push updates made in the original snapshot back out to any linked accounts. Deleting snapshots is just as easy as creating them–simply select ‘delete’ from within your account and poof: gone!

GoHighLevel Snapshots make managing multiple accounts effortless and efficient while ensuring consistency across all clients.

Creating Snapshots

Easily copy and share your client accounts with Snapshots – it’s a cinch! With Gohighlevel, you can quickly and easily create snapshots of client data for safe sharing. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Quickly capture data from one account to another
  • Automatically send updates to linked accounts
  • Protect confidential information by only granting access to specific users or organizations
  • Easily delete snapshots when no longer needed

Gohighlevel makes it easy to manage your customer data with its powerful snapshot tool. Setting up is simple – just select the items you want captured in your snapshot, choose who you would like to share it with, then click “create”! Your snapshot will be securely stored and ready for sharing.

You can also import snapshots from other sources using a secure link. If any changes are made, simply push an update out to all linked accounts automatically – no manual refresh required! Plus, if you ever need to remove a snapshot from circulation, deleting it is fast and easy.

With Gohighlevel’s Snapshot feature, managing customer data has never been so convenient or secure. Give it a try today!

Importing Snapshots

Importing snapshots from other sources is a breeze with Gohighlevel – just grab a secure link and you’re good to go! You’ll be able to import snapshots from other agencies or external sources in no time.

All you need to do is generate the shareable link and paste it into Gohighlevel. Once you have done this, your snapshot will be securely imported in a matter of moments. This makes it simple for teams across multiple organizations to collaborate on client accounts without needing to send files back and forth.

Once your snapshot has been imported, all its contents will appear in the Snapshot list view where they can easily be identified by name. If any changes are made within the source account, then these updates can also be pushed through manually via the refresh button which appears when hovering over the desired snapshot item in the list view.

Client accounts created from an imported snapshot can also have their settings changed easily at any time – allowing you to customize each account according to its purpose.

If you ever decide that you no longer want a particular snapshot, deleting it from Gohighlevel is just as easy as importing it – simply select the option from within its details page and it will be removed instantly. In addition, if someone shares their own snapshot with you then this too can be quickly deleted once you’re finished using it.

Regardless of how many snapshots are stored in Gohighlevel, managing them, remains straightforward and intuitive throughout.

Sharing Snapshots

Sharing your account data with other organizations has never been easier. Simply generate a secure link and you’re ready to go! With GoHighLevel‘s Snapshots, you can easily share the data from one of your accounts with another user or organization.

All you have to do is select the account that you’d like to share and click ‘Generate Link’. Then, just copy and paste the link into any message or platform for easy sharing.

The recipient will receive an encrypted link that they can open up in their web browser. Once opened, they’ll be able to access a snapshot of the selected account in read-only mode. This means they won’t be able to make any changes without requesting permission from you first.

This allows for quick collaboration on important projects without having to duplicate any work. It’s perfect for teams who need access to each other’s information fast! When it comes time to update your shared snapshots, all you need to do is manually refresh them whenever necessary.

This ensures everyone always has access to up-to-date information while keeping all of your data secure at the same time. Sharing snapshots couldn’t be simpler, so start collaborating today!

Updating Snapshots

Keeping your shared snapshots up-to-date is easy – just manually refresh them whenever needed to ensure everyone always has the latest information.

Here are four steps you can take to update your GoHighLevel Snapshots:

  • Log in to the GoHighLevel dashboard and navigate to Snapshots
  • Select the snapshot that requires updating
  • Click on the ‘Refresh’ button located at the top of the page
  • Confirm that all data is updated accurately by checking all items listed in the account snapshot.

You can also easily push any updates made in a Snapshot to all linked accounts, so everyone is always working with synced, up-to-date data. To do this, simply click on ‘Push Updates’ while viewing an account snapshot, and then confirm that changes have been pushed successfully!

Keeping your shared snapshots up-to-date helps keep everyone on the same page and makes collaboration much simpler.

Deleting Snapshots

Easily delete any snapshots you no longer need with just a few quick clicks. It’s that simple! Deleting a Snapshot is an easy way to keep your account organized and up-to-date.

To delete a Snapshot, locate it in the list of Copied Items and select the ‘Delete’ button. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to permanently delete this Snapshot. So, make sure you really don’t need it anymore before proceeding.

Deleting a Snapshot not only removes the item from your list of Copied Items but also deletes any linked accounts associated with it. This means that all changes made since the last manual refresh will be lost for those linked accounts. However, they will remain in their original form on the source account.

If you happen to change your mind after deleting a Snapshot, just copy it again and re-link any applicable accounts. It’s important to note that once a snapshot has been deleted, there is no way to recover or undo this action. So make sure that deleting each snapshot is necessary before confirming deletion!

With GoHighLevel’s easy-to-use interface, managing and maintaining snapshots is made simple, so you can stay organized without hassle.

Items Copied

You can quickly view the items you’ve copied using Snapshots so you can stay on top of your accounts. With GoHighlevel Snapshots, you can:

  • View all the items in a client’s account that have been copied over when creating a snapshot
  • Transactions
  • Reports
  • Documents

You can also edit and manage those snapshots as needed. Plus, you can update account details, export to other agencies, and delete snapshots altogether.

Keeping up with all of the data associated with your clients’ accounts is easier than ever. We make sure that your clients’ information remains safe and secure, and our system makes it easy for you to access what you need quickly and efficiently. With GoHighlevel’s Snapshots, you’ll never miss out on important details or lose track of important documents again!


You’re now ready to get the most out of HighLevel’s support portal and Account Snapshots feature!

You can easily create, import, share, update, and delete snapshots as needed.

From manually refreshing snapshot information to pushing updates to linked accounts, you have all the tools you need.

So go ahead and start using these features today – you’ll be glad you did!