Kartra Review: Is it Still the Best Choice in 2024?

kartra review

You’re a busy entrepreneur on the hunt for a tool to streamline your business. We’ve got you covered with an in-depth review of Kartra, an all-in-one platform designed to simplify your operations.

You’ll learn about its numerous features, pricing plans, and how it can enhance your customer flow. By the end, you’ll know if Kartra is the game-changer you’ve been searching for.

So, let’s dive in and see if it’s the right fit for you.

What Is Kartra?

In the realm of digital marketing, you’ll find Kartra as an all-in-one platform that’s designed to streamline your online business operations. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business, a dentist, restaurant owner, accountant, or deal in physical or digital products, this platform’s versatility caters to a wide array of business needs.

From building engaging sales pages to creating opt-in forms, funnels, and campaigns, Kartra lets you do it all. You can even conduct quizzes or surveys to interact with your audience and gather insights. What’s more, it allows you to seamlessly accept payments, making it a breeze to sell your products and services.

Kartra’s comprehensive feature set includes order value optimization tools like order bumps, upsells, downsells, and cross-sells. With these, you can effortlessly increase your average order value. Its drag-and-drop builder for funnels, campaigns, surveys, and emails makes it easy even for beginners to create engaging assets. Furthermore, Kartra’s native video hosting, comprehensive lead management, and CRM solution make it a powerful tool for your business.

The platform also comes with an agency feature that lets you resell Kartra accounts or manage them for clients. Its native integrations with platforms like Google Calendar, Twilio, Zoom, PayPal, and Zapier eliminate the need for third-party integrations.

With Kartra, you can also rest easy knowing that help is just an email away. Their support team is available via email and chat, and they even have a Kartranaut training portal with step-by-step tutorials.

In a nutshell, Kartra is a robust digital marketing platform that’s designed to simplify your online business operations.

Kartra Features

You’ll find Kartra’s feature set quite comprehensive, catering to various online business needs.

The Checkout feature streamlines your billing process, while Funnels and Campaigns enable seamless integration of different marketing elements.

With Surveys and Quizzes, you can better understand your prospects’ wants, and the Pages and Email features aid in personalizing and automating your outreach efforts.


Let’s dive into Kartra’s checkout feature, a tool designed to streamline your e-commerce transactions and optimize your sales process. This feature offers a myriad of customization options, including pricing structures, trials, and discounts. You can opt for a one-time payment, recurring payments, or installments. You can even offer trials for your digital products, letting customers test before they commit.

Running a sale or campaign? Create a discount code to boost conversions. Choose between a single-step or multi-step checkout, depending on what works best for your customers.

You can also manage existing customer billing and plans, altering prices, rescheduling payments, editing payment options, and even pausing subscriptions.

With the checkout feature, Kartra truly empowers you to enhance your sales process.

Funnels and Campaigns

katra funnels and campaigns

Moving on to the next feature, Kartra’s funnels and campaigns tool is something you shouldn’t miss out on. This feature lets you connect various elements and assets to create a comprehensive campaign.

It’s a breeze to map out a sales funnel with elements like lead capture and sales pages, checkout and thank you pages, and even email campaigns and upsells. Kartra’s drag-and-drop builder makes this process even easier, allowing you to create automation with ‘if’ and ‘when’ logic.

Even if you’re new to all this, Kartra has got you covered with premade campaigns suitable for different objectives. This tool is a real game-changer, providing a user-friendly way to manage and optimize your marketing initiatives.

Surveys and Quizzes

In your journey with Kartra, you’ll find that the Surveys and Quizzes feature isn’t just an add-on, but a potent tool for understanding your prospects’ needs and marketing the right products to them. This feature comes with a drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to design your quizzes or surveys effortlessly.

Its functionality includes:

  • Scored Quizzes: Reinforce learning and assess comprehension.
  • Question Types: Open, closed, multiple choice, image, and ratings.
  • Content: Enhance the survey or quiz experience by uploading images and videos.

What sets this feature apart is the post-survey process. Once a user completes a survey, they’re automatically fed into a marketing funnel and campaign based on their responses. Thus, it’s both an assessment and a marketing tool.


Dive into the ‘Pages’ feature of Kartra, where you’ll discover a plethora of tools for building and customizing your landing pages with ease.

This feature offers an impressive range of templates, allowing you to get started swiftly and efficiently. You have the freedom to customize padding, images, sizes, and text with precision to craft a page that mirrors your brand’s identity.

The integration with funnels and campaigns makes it a breeze to have a cohesive marketing strategy. What’s more, the built-in forms facilitate easy collection of lead information, pushing your marketing efforts forward.

Every page you build is mobile responsive, ensuring a smooth user experience across all devices. Kartra’s ‘Pages’ feature has all the tools required to create outstanding pages, making it a standout feature of this all-in-one platform.


You’ll love the ‘Email’ feature of Kartra, and it’s no surprise why, with its powerful tools for crafting personalized, branded content. This feature isn’t just about sending emails, but also about ensuring they reach the right people at the right time.

  • Customization: With a drag-and-drop builder and a range of templates, you can craft emails that truly resonate with your audience.
  • Personalization: Use custom tags to add a personal touch to your emails.
  • Branding: Make your emails uniquely yours by adding your brand elements.
  • Testing and Optimization: No more guesswork! With A/B split testing, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Automation: Streamline your email flows using the platform’s funnels and campaign feature.
  • Logic-based Sending: Use tags and logic to navigate customers through the email flow effectively.


Surprisingly, Kartra doesn’t just offer a platform for marketing and sales, but also includes a comprehensive video hosting feature that lets you seamlessly embed videos into your sales pages, websites, and courses. This means you can enhance your content with visual elements without the need for third-party platforms.

What’s unique is the tagging feature, allowing you to customize lists based on how much of the video viewers watch. This lets you follow up with tailored marketing messages, like a link to continue watching or a sales page. It’s an effective way to keep your audience engaged.

Moreover, Kartra’s video feature is fully responsive on all devices, ensuring a smooth viewing experience whether your viewers are on their smartphones, tablets, or computers.


While you’re leveraging the power of Kartra’s video feature, it’s crucial to understand that this platform also offers an extensive lead management feature, helping you track and nurture your business leads more effectively.

Lead profiles are created as soon as contacts interact with your forms, sales pages, or other assets. These profiles contain:

  • Contact details and addresses
  • Tags, purchased products, and lists
  • Communications and sequences
  • Transaction history, memberships, and helpdesk notes
  • Calendars and logs

This comprehensive report on each lead’s information and their current stage in the sales cycle can help you design customized flows to guide them through your sales pipeline, identifying and addressing common stopping points.


As soon as you start using Kartra’s membership feature, you’ll find it’s a powerful tool for hosting and delivering a variety of gated content. You can upload courses, webinars, text, and audio.

Membership tiers allow you to control access based on purchase plans. You can increase engagement using the ‘dripped content’ tool, which releases content on a schedule. Progress trackers and automated notifications enhance the user experience. Additional tools include comments, moderation, member management, and access permissions.

You can even design multiple membership sites, manage them in one place, and cross-sell access. This feature also provides a dashboard for customers, showcasing all their products. Design options such as templates, branding, color schemes, and logos further customize your membership sites.


In your journey to provide top-notch customer service, Kartra’s Helpdesks feature becomes your best ally. This tool allows you to offer live chat support directly from your site, eliminating the need for third-party integrations.

  • Assign Tickets: Distribute your workload evenly among your customer service reps.
  • Efficient management
  • Quick resolution
  • Canned Responses: Save time by using pre-written templates for common issues.
  • Increased productivity
  • Consistent messaging
  • FAQs: Address common queries before customers reach out via live support.
  • Reduced ticket volume
  • Improved customer experience

Moreover, you can handle refunds and cancellations without leaving the Helpdesks portal. With this feature, not only does Kartra streamline your customer service process but it also optimizes your team’s efficiency.

Affiliate Management

kartra affiliate management

You’ve optimized your product offerings, and now you’re ready to amplify your reach, so let’s dive into Kartra’s Affiliate Management feature.

This tool allows you to further promote your products by offering commissions to individuals who help push your products. You can easily set commissions, either as a percentage of the product’s revenue or as a flat payout. Kartra also provides one-time and recurring commission options.

There’s a tiered system, rewarding your highest earners with better structures and payout terms. You can customize payment terms, including the minimum earnings threshold before payout and the number of hold days.

Moreover, you can create custom landing pages and sign-up forms for affiliates. To simplify things, Kartra integrates with PayPal for easy payouts.


Let’s now turn our attention to Kartra’s Calendar feature, a tool that’s incredibly useful for managing your schedule and appointments. This feature allows you to embed a calendar onto a page, making appointment management a breeze. It’s particularly useful for coaches, live event organizers, and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Here’s a quick breakdown of its features:

  • Branded Pages: Customize your calendar with your logo, domain, and color scheme
  • Custom Domain: Establish your brand’s identity
  • Logo & Color Scheme: Ensure visual consistency
  • Pricing Settings: Charge for appointments or offer them for free
  • Scheduling: Define your availability for bookings
  • Dashboard: Manage appointments with ease.

Moreover, you can connect this feature with other platform elements like email to automate your marketing.


While you’re exploring all that Kartra has to offer, don’t overlook the Agency feature, as it offers a comprehensive toolset designed especially for managing your clients’ accounts.

This feature is perfect for individuals and companies that handle clients’ Kartra accounts. The dashboard provides a quick performance overview of all client accounts, making it easy to keep track.

You can choose between two business models: reselling Kartra accounts or managing them for your clients. Also, all email communication can be branded with your agency’s logo, giving a professional touch.

You can pull client reports for reviews and updates, and there’s a Co-Manage feature that lets you grant limited account access to your clients.

This feature’s comprehensiveness and flexibility truly stand out.

Integrations and API Access

Even though Kartra is an all-encompassing platform, it’s important to note the range of integrations and API access it provides, broadening its capabilities and compatibility with other tools you might already be using. This adds versatility to your workflows and optimizes efficiency in your business operations.

  • Native integrations:
  • Google Calendar, Twilio, Zoom, PayPal, aMember, and Zapier. The Zapier integration further allows you to connect with thousands of other platforms.
  • API access:
  • Kartra provides this feature which many platforms don’t, enabling more advanced customization and integration with other systems.
  • All-in-one solution:
  • While integration options are plentiful, Kartra’s comprehensive features often eliminate the need for other platforms, particularly for payment processors, marketing software, and product delivery.


In this section, you’ll explore the powerful analytics feature of Kartra and how it can provide valuable insights into your business performance.

Kartra’s analytics tools offer a deep dive into various aspects, from email open rates and click-through rates to the performance of your affiliates. You’ll have at your fingertips data like visitor counts, conversion rates by device, or heat maps of your pages.

For your membership courses, you can track learner progression, retention rates, and even the average completion time.

What’s more, these metrics are comprehensive and customizable, allowing you to better understand and optimize your business.

And if you’re after advanced reports, you can link Kartra to Google Analytics using Zapier.

This level of detail and flexibility makes Kartra’s analytics a standout feature.


kartra marketplace

You’ve got to check out Kartra’s Marketplace feature, for it not only allows you to find experts for hire but also lets you sell your own done-for-you campaigns. It’s a versatile platform, enabling you to:

  • Hire Experts:
  • Freelancers and agencies offer services like marketing and funnel building.
  • Access profiles and contact details at your convenience.
  • Affiliate Marketplace:
  • List and promote others’ offers, ranging from digital products to services.
  • Increase your exposure and reach.
  • DFY Campaigns:
  • Create and access ready-made campaigns for your business.
  • List them as free or paid and generate income.

In essence, Marketplace is a great way to source talent and earn extra revenue, making Kartra a comprehensive solution for your business.

Help and Support

Often, you’ll need assistance while navigating through Kartra’s features, and thankfully, Kartra’s comprehensive help and support system is always ready to guide you.

From live chat and email support to tutorial-filled portals like Kartranaut, the company’s commitment to user assistance is apparent.

The weekly Q&A calls offer a unique, real-time problem-solving experience, giving you the opportunity to interact directly with the team.

Their active Facebook community provides a platform for learning and networking with other users.

For developers, Kartra even offers a detailed Wiki with technical documents.

This multi-format approach ensures that all users, regardless of their learning style or issue complexity, can find the help they need swiftly and effectively.

Indeed, Kartra’s support system is well-rounded and customer-centric.

Kartra Plans and Pricing

Now, let’s move on to a critical aspect of your decision-making process – the Kartra pricing plans.

As a user, you’ll find five options to choose from:

  • The Starter Plan
  • The Silver Plan
  • The Gold Plan
  • The Platinum Plan
  • The Enterprise Level Plan

Each plan offers different features and capabilities, so you’ll need to consider what’s best for your business’s specific needs and budget.

The Starter Plan

Let’s dive right into the details of the Starter Plan, the entry-level subscription offered by Kartra. For $99 per month ($79 if paid annually), you get a robust set of tools ideal for small businesses and individuals:

  • Key Features:
  • Capacity for 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails per month, and a custom domain.
  • Ability to host 100 pages, 50 videos, and sell 20 products.

Value for Money:

  • You’re offered essential tools to market products and services with 0% transaction fees on all sales.

Additional Perks:

  • You can add an additional team member, connect a helpdesk, and use the funnel mapper function.

This plan gives you access to all the necessary features to run your business effectively, making it a great value for your money.

The Silver Plan

You’ll find that the Silver Plan, the second tier in Kartra’s pricing structure, offers an expanded set of features and increased capacities compared to the Starter Plan. At $199 per month or $149 if paid annually, you get up to 12,500 leads, unlimited emails, pages, products, and membership sites. The plan also offers three custom domains – a definite advantage if you’re managing multiple brands or websites.

Exclusively available in this plan are the Funnels Simulator and Kartra Agency, tools that certainly elevate your marketing efforts. With the reasonable price jump and the vast increase in unlimited features, the Silver Plan provides exceptional value. It’s a worthy investment if you’re looking to scale your business and optimize your marketing strategies.

The Gold Plan

While you might find the Silver Plan sufficient for your needs, if you’re managing a larger operation, the Gold Plan, priced at $299 per month or $229 per month for annual subscribers, could be a more suitable option.

With the Gold Plan, you get:

  • 25,000 leads
  • This high lead cap can accommodate a larger customer base.
  • However, compared to the Silver Plan, the increase in leads isn’t as substantial.
  • 5 custom domains
  • More domains allow you to run multiple campaigns or businesses.
  • But remember, other than these, there aren’t any additional tools or features.

While the Gold Plan offers more resources, it’s worth considering whether the increase in leads and domains justifies the significant price hike.

The Platinum Plan

Often, you might find yourself needing more than what the Gold Plan offers, and that’s where the Platinum Plan comes into play.

Priced at $499 per month or $379 per month if paid annually, this plan offers you up to 50,000 leads and 10 custom domains.

However, considering the price jump from the Gold Plan, you’re only getting an increase in lead and domain capacity, which may not provide you with the best value for your investment.

It’s worth noting that Kartra’s all-in-one platform does offer an array of powerful features, but it’s crucial to assess if the Platinum Plan is the most cost-effective solution for your business needs before making a commitment.

Enterprise Level Plan

If you’re a large organization and the Platinum plan doesn’t quite meet your needs, there’s an Enterprise Level Plan that you may consider. This plan is tailored specifically to your requirements and offers a custom-designed solution.

  • Customized Features: You’ll be provided with features that aren’t usually advertised, making this plan uniquely suited to your business.
  • Specific Needs: Whether it’s advanced CRM capabilities or detailed analytics, your needs will be prioritized.
  • Scalability: As your organization grows, the Enterprise Plan adapts, ensuring you’re always covered.

Be aware, the pricing for this plan isn’t publicly disclosed and is expected to exceed that of the Platinum plan. However, for the right organization, the benefits could well justify the cost. Get in touch with Kartra directly for a personalized quote.

Katra Pros and Cons

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Kartra’s strengths and weaknesses.

It’s crucial you understand both the advantages and the shortcomings of this platform before deciding whether it’s the right tool for your business.

Consider the following pros and cons, bearing in mind Kartra’s comprehensive set of features and its potential impact on your marketing and sales strategy.


Let’s dive into the various advantages and potential drawbacks you might experience when using Kartra, starting with the pros.

  • All-in-One Platform: Kartra streamlines your marketing efforts by providing a comprehensive suite of tools in one place. No need for multiple third-party subscriptions.
  • Marketing: From lead generation to email marketing, it’s all available.
  • Sales: Checkout features, order optimization, and affiliate management are a few tools at your disposal.
  • 30-Day $1 Trial: This gives you the chance to thoroughly test Kartra before fully committing.
  • 0% Transaction Fees: You only pay the monthly subscription, keeping your costs predictable.
  • User Experience: Kartra’s user-friendly interface and extensive tutorial platform, Kartranaut, make it easy to navigate and master the platform.


While you’ll often find many benefits to using Kartra, it’s equally important to consider the potential downsides that may arise.

The pricing, for instance, can become quite steep if you have a large number of leads or domains. Their Platinum plan, offering 10 domains and 50,000 leads, will set you back a hefty $499 per month.

Additionally, Kartra’s e-commerce capabilities may not suit those with extensive product catalogs, particularly for online clothing stores. It’s better suited for single-product stores or supplement vendors.

Lastly, while you can connect Kartra pages to create a website, the platform lacks a native builder and features such as blogging, limiting its effectiveness as a comprehensive website solution.


In wrapping up, Kartra could be the game-changing tool you need. It’s packed with features that streamline your operations, boost your marketing, and optimize your customer flow.

Its robust tools for lead generation, email marketing, and selling products are impressive.

While it has its cons, the benefits seem to outweigh them.

So, consider your business needs, explore Kartra’s plans and pricing, and decide if it’s the right fit to elevate your business.

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